Testimonials to Owner Doug Neal:

"Simply Classic does excellent high-quality, dependable work. Doug has a wealth of experience in the field which shows in creative, expert workmanship."

Stephanie Barkley

"Doug has done a few different jobs for us over the years and always does a great job. He is easy to have in your home, does quality work and can be trusted. I would highly recommed Doug if you need an expert Handyman."

Bryan Bacon

"Doug provided great ideas and attention to detail in our home remodel. He worked with us to come up with creative solutions, especially to those surprises one always encounters when remodeling a 100+ year old house. Doug believes in doing things the right way, but will counsel you regarding your options, if there is an expedient solution he will present it, even if it is not the one he recommends. The finished product was beautifully done. My appreciation for Doug and the quality of subcontractors he employed, already high, only increased when I bought my next house. It was built by a now-defunct semi-custom builder, and I continue to be disappointed with the workmanship, especially as it compares to the work that Doug and his subs provided in my old home. I have recommended Doug more than once to friends, and will certainly take any future remodel projects to him."

Marc Ludena

"Doug created a finished basement that flows perfectly with the rest of the house. He has then performed numerous smaller projects (door, foundation, cabinets, drywall and painting, etc.) around our home to our complete satisfaction and I routinely recommend him for home projects large and small to all of my friends. He is tops for contracting and handyman projects."

Elizabeth Lewis

"Doug has my highest recommendation; he's competent, his recommendations were helpful and the cost was reasonable. I look forward to asking for his help in the future."

Todd Kelsey

"My experience working with Doug has been outstanding. The quality of work prove a tremendous value for the cost. Doug showcases the highest of integrity in all of our dealings. He most definitely has a client-first attitude, flexing to our needs, even entertaining some of our crazy ideas. We have used Doug on more than one occassion and will continue to do so."

Paul Davis

"Doug is a detailed worker, he has knowledge of what he is doing. Doug takes his time and always delivers a first class result. His last project took a little longer than he expected and he did not charge anymore than his original estimate. Great work at a reasonable price."

Patrick Reagan

"When I wanted to have book slipcases for sets of my books (as available from http://CJSHayward.com), I looked around and found no one who would agree to make them. But Doug made some handmade and extremely nice wooden cases for the book sets. The general response I saw to the books in the same case was the same as I had when I saw them: "Wow."

"His work was polished, and I'd seriously consider him for construction projects, handyman, or as the case was with me, someone very skilled in woodworking to make something nice."

Jonathan Hayward

"I wholeheartedly recommend Doug Neal as a General Contractor for Home Remodeling. Doug came up with the idea of vaulting my living room and kitchen ceilings and adding three sky lights. He saw the project through from start to finish and exceeded my expectations in every way."

Mark Richards

"We needed extra space in our house but were on a budget. Doug worked with us to come up with creative solutions to our re-modelling needs. His and his crews work was meticulous. We ended up with what seemed to be a whole new house with only minimum investment.

"I would recommend Doug to anyone.

"Thanks Doug"

Rob England

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